Tailored recruitment software for retail

Recruitment for retail

Vilect reduces time to hire and give hiring manager the opportunity to “meet” more candidates in less time.

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Recorded Video Interviews
Ask your key questions and have the applicants answer by video and review them at your convenience

Selection matrix
With integrated tests and specific criteria the system automatically identify the most relevant candidates

Retail recruitment 2.0
Be able to evaluate more applicants faster, better and more effective - select the top candidates for physical interview

“This is a great idea that will be embraced as a solution the industry is in need of”


Torbjørn Theie

Industry expert / Former CEO of ICA Norge


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Do you want to improve your hiring process?

Be one of the first companies to revolutionize your recruitment process. We offer a hazzle-free solution for our users, faster and better processes, and more a accurate assessment of candidates.

Vilect is a recruitment software for store managers. The system identifies the most relevant candidates and lets the hiring managers screen recorded video interviews integrated directly in the system - store managers can review the candidates' fit, personality, drive and motivation, and save time and money.

Vilect reduce time to hire and give hiring managers the opportunity to “meet” more candidates in less time.

A better recruitment process in less time

Reduce time spent on early phase screening

Fewer time consuming
first-time interviews

Faster and more effective hiring process

More personality-oriented recruitment process

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Kristoffer Almeland

CEO | Co-Founder



Nicolai Kirkeng Vennerød

COO | Co-Founder


Martin Solli

CTO | Co-Founder


Arkwright X is an advisor and investor

Torgeir Hovden



Christoffer Lindblom



Magnus Kvalevåg



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